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Ok not quite Brittany....

Michiel Brinkman

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The year is 2019 AC. IT is entirely occupied by Digital Cloud Tranformation NoSecDevOps Site Reliability Consultants. Well not entirely…One small tribe of indomitable Rackers still holds out against the invaders….

I’m very happy to announce that I have recently joined Rackspace in Amsterdam - or as we like to say team #Racksterdam.

Considering my recent “cloud” focus it might seem like an odd choice - especially considering Rackspace is traditionally known as a provider of well..managed rack space and hosting services. However, Rackspace is currently in the process of transitioning into the world’s best managed public cloud provider something which is already recognized by the likes of Gartner .

Some might say - who needs managed public cloud? Isn’t one of the principles of Cloud Computing the abstraction of hardware resources into services that can be consumed directly without management or mediation? Maybe that’s true for the cloud native unicorns..but for many companies the road to cloud or better put the journey towards a situation where cloud technology can add value to their business leads over perilous paths.

We as Rackspace are in a unique position to guide customers along these paths because:

  • We know what it really takes to operate the “old world” and the “new world” and everything in between
  • We know how to design,plan,build and run all sorts of workloads at any scale and at any budget
  • One of our core values has always been Fanatical Support. In a world of extreme abstraction, rapid change and the uncertainty associated with transformation/transition/disruption (pick whichever you prefer) - you need someone on your side that will support you whatever it takes.

No more Servers

I have joined Rackspace as a Solutions Architect, which means that my main task is to find the right solution for the right problem. From that viewpoint I will write about the relationship between technology and enterprise in the broadest sense of the word. And given the fact that my certifications still outnumber my blog posts I intend to do so rather frequently.

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